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CanWeNetwork is a mobile app for business networking. It uses geo-spatial technology and a powerful matching engine to recommend people nearby who you should meet for professional networking and business opportunities. Your odds of making valuable connections increase immediately.

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Press Release // Sept 25th 2012 // CanWeNetwork App Brings Business Networking Back

Press Release // Oct 4th 2012 // CanWeNetwork chosen by AMD for Mobile Consumer Engagement


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Knowledge Base

What is CanWeNetwork?

CanWeNetwork is a mobile application designed to show you people within a certain proximity that you should meet for business networking or opportunity. It uses our decision science engine to find the people you are most likely to want to engage with and then displays them on your mobile phone for review.

What Platform is CanWeNetwork On?

CanWeNetwork is currently available in the Apple iTunes store (iOS) and the Android Marketplace. It is scheduled to be released on both the Windows and Blackberry platforms in the coming months.

What do you do with my data?

We secure it and treat it like we do our intellectual property, taking extreme care and exercising caution in how we manage, organize and protect it. Your information will not be sold in any form. Our commitment to the security and privacy of our user data is of paramount importance. Once your data is acquired it is run through our matching engine to deliver you the incredible results.

Do I need a LinkedIn profile to use the system?

Currently we are using your LinkedIn data to create our enhanced and rich representations of our users to match them to other people.

Do I have to download the app to see matches?

In order to best take advantage of proximity services and feature rich messaging the mobile app is recommended. If you do not have a smart phone, users can choose to "Login With LinkedIn" from this website and we will be able to suggest potential matches via email.

Can I control how much information I provide?

Absolutely, you can choose to display an alias name or photo when using the app and you can pause or turn off positing features, although it will naturally impact our ability to provide you proximity matches. In addition we are closely monitoring all activities on the app to ensure they meet our Terms of Service.

How do you define and suggest a match using my data?

We use clustering algorithms on multiple data sources to match our users with each other based on a number of vectors: their skills, education, past work experience, and the ways that they describe themselves among other things. We use natural language processing to discover associations between individuals based on higher order factors or constructs. Our recommendation engine represents an unsupervised discovery tool, which is a way that we use machine learning to help us understand our problems given various viewpoints. Does that answer the question?!

Talk to me about GPS and battery life.

The CanWeNetwork app uses the location update service know as "Significant Changes". The significant-change location service offers a low-power location service for devices with cellular radios. This service offers a significant power savings and provides accuracy that is good enough for us to alert you when an incredible connection is nearby. It uses the device’s cellular radio to determine the user’s location and report changes in that location, allowing the system to manage power usage much more aggressively than it could otherwise. In the words of Apple: "The significant-change location service provides significant power savings while still allowing you to leave location services running."

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